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We have dif­fer­ent bibles that can be used by any­one from dif­fer­ent levels. From Pas­toral bibles which have power­ful and anoin­ted study guides to chil­dren bibles full of inspir­ing bible stor­ies with the aim of bring­ing our Chil­dren close to the lord and cul­tiv­at­ing the right men­tal­ity and atti­tude towards life.

We also have dif­fer­ent mater­i­als of motiv­a­tional books from the power­ful men of God of our time. The aim is to empower you Spir­itu­ally as you get to be inspired through their books. We there­fore urge you to take a tour and find out for yourself.

Get blessed by our lan­guage rich spir­itual Hymns, which is in dif­fer­ent lan­guages just to suit your need. This will be a great invest­ment to your spir­itual life as you get the right mater­ial to praise and wor­ship our lord, Jesus Christ